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  • Uses and advantages of Hex mesh

    Hex mesh is used for high temperature resistant unshaped lining material reinforcement, carbon steel (A3F) hex mesh, 0Cr13 material is used in special cases, when using, first spot weld the hex mesh on the inner wall of the boiler or hot air duct, and then apply refractory materials. Product adva...
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  • About The Use And Selection Of Refractory Anchors

    01. Preface overview The refractory castable is used in the furnace lining, and it must be supported by anchors, so that the use effect is good and the use time is longer. As long as castables are used as linings, anchors must be used for support. However, the diameter, shape, material and quanti...
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  • About Stainless Steel Safety Screens

    In recent years, the practicability of stainless steel safety screens has been more and more recognized by people, and it can be seen everywhere in home life. Even so, most people don’t know much about it. Ordinary screens are prone to aging and damage after a long period of exposure to win...
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